WhatsApp now allows users to create groups without names

WhatsApp today introduced a feature that allows users to create groups on Instant Her messaging app without naming them. This is an update from the previous method where users had to specify a group name when creating a group.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced his latest on Wednesday on his Facebook page and Meta on his Instagram channel. This feature helps users create groups even if they haven’t decided on a topic yet or need to create one quickly.

However, unlike his typical WhatsApp group, which can have up to 1,024 people, the messaging app limits unnamed group participants to a maximum of six, he confirmed to Fb Pages. The company says these groups will be dynamically named based on the users added to the group.

A group name is displayed for each participant depending on how the participant has saved the contacts on the phone. The app says that when you join an untitled group with users who haven’t saved their contacts, your phone number will appear in the group name.

This suggests that the feature is likely aimed at friends and family who already know each other. The company plans to roll out new group-centric features globally in the coming weeks.

His latest WhatsApp update comes just days after the messaging app added support for HD photos of him.

The app, which has more than 2 billion users worldwide, will also introduce HD video support in the future. WhatsApp has added features to its app in recent weeks, including screen sharing for video calls and the ability to record and share short video messages.

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