Greek government applauds Edi Rama’s anti-Greek political “improvisations”

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MUGS 1821-2021

It was with great sadness but also indignation that we watched, on Monday, March 20, the Prime Minister of Greece Kyriakos Mitsotakis and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Dendias, solemnly inaugurating the “mixed technique and sculptures” exhibition of the Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama.

Even more infuriating is the fact that the Greek government granted the Zappeio Megaro, the historical institution named after its Northern Epirote founders, the great National Benefactors Evangelis and Konstantinos Zappa, to the realization of the exhibition entitled “Autodesigns”. from Lambovo Argyrokastro.

In fact, the Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Dendias, in his greeting during the inauguration, noted that “Greece and Albania enjoy excellent relations”.

Apparently, for Mr. Dendias, the “excellent relations” between Greece and Albania are certified by the murder of Konstantinos Katsifa by the Albanian police in Vouliarates, on the anniversary of October 28, 2018, and the fact that almost five years later, the relevant decision has not yet been issued finding.

The “exceptional relations”, which Mr. Dendias sees, are also reflected by the grabbing of the properties of the Greeks of Northern Epirus, as well as by the denial of their self-determination in the areas that Tirana does not recognize as minority.

Another example of the “exceptional relations” that exist in the mind of the Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs, are the successive postponements of the population census in Albania with the questions of nationality and religion.

The “excellent relations” are of course also confirmed by the sentencing to eight years in prison of the Vice-President of the Movement for the Rebirth of the Northern Epirus, Monti Kolila, but also the psychological warfare that the Albanian authorities are waging against many Northern Epirus who are fighting for their human rights in their ancestral lands. them earth.

Another evidential phenomenon of the “excellent” Greek-Albanian relations is the transformation of Albania into an overt satellite of Erdogan’s Turkey and the non-stop promotion and promotion by Tirana of the non-existent “Tsamik issue”.

The opening of Rama’s “Autodesigns” comes a month and a half after the joint exercise in Markopoulos of EKAM with RENEA, the special team of the Albanian police that murdered Konstantinos Katsifa.

The images in which the Greek Minister of Citizen Protection Takis Theodorikakos is seen giving mementos to the killers of Konstantinos Katsifas will remain imprinted in our memory.

It is with great bitterness that we conclude that the Greek government has taken on the contract to make the Albanian prime minister’s artistic manager who unimpededly carries out ethnic cleansing at the expense of Northern Mainland Hellenism and applauds his half-Hellenic improvisations.

The Movement for the Renaissance of Northern Epirus would welcome with particular satisfaction, in the context of the practical reciprocity of the improvement of relations between Greece and Albania, as Mr. Dendias wants to believe, the immediate passing of the implementing laws of the Framework Convention on Minorities and human rights and their immediate implementation by the Albanian government.

But the time when the Greek government will be judged is approaching and then all the Greeks who have memory and sensitivity for Northern Epirus will make our own…improvisations.

Movement for the Renaissance of Northern Epirus

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