“De Burgos will be rigorous after the CTA meeting”

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Ricardo de Burgos Bengoetxea was the arbitrator appointed to deliver justice in the last Classic who decided the League, the one that ended with controversy for the canceled goal to Marco Asensio in the final minutes for offside. The son of Jose Maria Enriquez Negreira had long been on the radar ‘richy’, as he called him in confidence, since that is how he came to be nicknamed in one of the reports made for the FC Barcelona as stated in the summary to which you have had access THE SPANISH.

Javier Enriquez exhaustively analyzed the Basque referee before matchday 34 of the 2015/2016 season and presented a detailed study before Fútbol Club Barcelona faced the Deportivo de La Coruña in Riazor. This report reveals, above all, that the son of Enríquez Negreira had privileged information on the Technical Committee of Referees that he embodied in these writings when, in theory, he had nothing to do with the arbitration body.

Thus, Javier Enríquez came to write in his analysis some of the indications that the referees had received in a recent CTA meeting and made them known to the Barcelona Football Club, thinking that this would be an advantage for the culé club. “The instructions given by the Technical Committee of Referees in the last concentration last week were aimed at distinguishing between the natural actions of the game and the actions that are carried out voluntarily,” Enríquez wrote.

A page that collects direct information about the CTA.

A page that collects direct information about the CTA.

Among these natural actions, Negreira’s son included “shocks, ball tackles, fortuitous hands”, while in the actions that are carried out voluntarily he spoke of “grabbing, tackles at the wrong time or from behind, elbows, etc.” And he clearly added: “With the latter, the referees will be rigorous during the remainder of the season.”

In fact, Javier Enríquez continued with this information from the CTA that, in theory, he shouldn’t know, and urged the Barça players to protest during the game: “As usually happens when coming from a CTA technical meeting, he will rigorously admonish Disciplinary Order actions (cards), therefore, it is necessary to require him to admonish hands, grabs or tackles from behind”.

Let Barça protest

Javier Enríquez again influenced this line throughout this report that occupies three pages with details of all kinds of Burgos Bengoetxeain the protests by the players of the Barca. In fact, he pointed out that the referee used to review the disputed actions that have taken place at halftime through a mobile phone and that for this reason Barcelona could put pressure to take advantage.

“He usually consults his successes or errors in plays (via mobile) in the middle part. Let the players decide if it is worth reminding him of a play after the break (always with respect)”, commented the son of Enríquez Negreira to ask the footballers of Barça that after the intermission they put pressure on the referee.

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The letter served for Fútbol Club Barcelona to get to know De Burgos Bengoetxea’s dialogue spirit in advance and for the footballers to know how to deal with him: “He especially likes to talk to the players when they leave the pitch, at half-time and at the end of the game game, if you’re interested in being friendly with him at that time, he’ll be receptive. He also tends to talk a lot with the players during the game, when he’s not seen”.

In addition, among other aspects, Enríquez commented on ‘richy’ that he is a referee “very close and simple in dealing with people”, although to his detriment he also pointed out that “he usually takes games without problems due to his naturalness in dealing with the players, more than because of his refereeing level”. Furthermore, he wrote that he “lacks personality and experience.”

On the other hand, the report also mentions that De Burgos Bengoetxea does not usually stop the game when he sees that there are injured players on the pitch, and puts Barça on alert so that they are very aware of it: “Watch out if the position of the injured breaks the offside”.

Advantages and disadvantages

In this report, as was customary in those who wrote Javier Enriquez, ended with a table in which the main characteristics of the referee on duty were collected, both for better and for worse. Thus, De Burgos Bengoetxea also had three strong points and three other weak points with which Barcelona was informed by heart.

In the section on advantages, Negreira’s son stressed as his main virtue that this referee “is brave to whistle what he sees and follows the game closely”. In addition, he pointed out about him that “after the CTA meeting he will be rigorous with the regulatory cards”, and that “he is close and dialogue, he will avoid the expendable yellow ones”.

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On the other hand, in the ‘must’, De Burgos Bengoetxea highlighted that he usually has “mistakes from the assistants in offsides”, also that “he must improve his level of judgment in fouls” and that “he lacks experience and is still adapting to the category”.

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