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Crater (2023) Sci-Fi movie story explained Story Summarized. The American Science Fiction thriller film “Crater: Miles from Earth, Their Adventure Begins” story summarized with full ending explanation.

Because of the war on the earth, the earth was completely destroyed, so some people were sent to the moon
so that they can go there and make colonies for the rest of the people.
And when all this work was done, after which humans left the earth and went to the moon to live.
But it was not so easy to live on the moon because there was a meteor storm there.
So that’s why they had to change all these decisions.
After which humans started mining on the moon so that they could find an easy way to live on the moon.
So many people were kept for mining, who were called miners.
And this principle was also made that these miners would live with their family on the moon.
Now we are shown the children of the miners, who were born in this place, i.e. on the moon.
All of them were trying to steal the space rover, i.e. the car that could run on the moon.
Then someone comes there, from whom everyone was scared and hid.
Among them, a child named Caleb had a capsule in his hand.
His father was also a miner, who was killed while working.
Caleb is decided to send to Omega after three days, where he will be adopted by another family.
Where life is happy in every way.
People live a very enjoyable life.
Here we are told that it takes about 75 years to go from the moon to Omega.
During which the traveling human cryosleep lives in a chamber,
which does not increase the age of that person.
When he reaches Omega from the moon, he is of the same age.
Caleb knew that it would take him 75 years to go to Omega.
But Caleb did not want to go from here.
He knew that he would never be able to meet his friends again.
A lady tells him that the next day a meteor storm is going to start,
after which you will have to leave for Omega.
Caleb was missing his dad a lot.
He remembers how he used to go very high and sit with his dad at the base here.
He remembers that his dad had told him that a dangerous thing came across the moon,
which made a crater there.
You must go to that place once.
But no human was allowed to go across the moon.
And the capsule we saw in Caleb’s hand,
a guard gave it to him, which he got from his dad’s ashes.
Now when Caleb was sitting and thinking all this,
three of his friends come to him,
who were very sad because of his departure.
One of them, whose name is Dylan,
knew the last wish of Caleb’s dad,
which was to go to the crater.
Dylan says, why don’t we see that crater before you go?
This way your dad’s last wish will also be fulfilled.
But all this was not so easy.
The things they need to go there,
they collect those things.
Now they needed a code to get out of here.
Dylan tells that there is a girl here,
whose name is Addison.
Addison had shifted from the earth to the moon a few days ago.
She had no friends.
She was the daughter of a scientist.
So Dylan says, who knows if she knows about the code.
When he goes to talk to Addison,
she does not talk to him and goes away from there.
Seeing this, Dylan follows him and tells him everything now.
He says, I wanted to be friends with you from the beginning.
Why do people think you are strange?
Addison listens to everything and says,
okay, I am ready to help you people.
But in your mission, I will also go with you.
Dylan listens to him and gets ready to take him with him.
All the children have reached the rover space.
They were all stealing it.
Caleb pulls the wire of his alarm first,
so that his alarm does not go off.
Then he puts the code of Addison,
from which the door was opened.
All of them were now ready to go.
The responsibility of driving the rover was on Dylan.
Because he knew the driving from all of them.
They all leave from there.
They had seen the moon for the first time.
Everyone was very happy.
But these people had to come back before the meteor storm.
Because when the meteor rains,
the base was locked down.
During the journey, everyone starts telling about themselves.
Caleb says that my dad had told me
how people were sent to the moon
and then they were mined.
But no human being is able to do the work of
staying on the moon and mining.
Like if that person dies during work,
then his son or any of his family members
will have to complete that work.
The only condition for this is that
the age of that person’s son should be 18 years.
If he is younger than this,
then he will be adopted by another family
who must be living on the Omega planet.
Those who had sent on the moon,
they started living their lives happily
by going to Omega.
Addison says, so what?
A mining job was given,
which was to be done for only 20 years.
Addison was the daughter of a scientist,
so she did not know about the real thing.
Here, Dillon explains everything to her
that if a mining person dies,
then his son has to complete the rest of the years.
Hearing this, Addison was a little surprised.
Now the rest of the way,
they had to walk and decide.
Everyone wears their own spacesuits.
Addison’s suit was a little different in all of them.
He was wearing a black suit.
Anyway, they come out,
where due to the lack of gravitational force,
everyone was jumping very high.
Everyone starts playing here.
When Addison’s eyes fall on the planet,
she gets a little sad
and starts remembering her past moments on the ground.
When Addison comes back,
she sees that Caleb, Dillon,
everyone was going up in space
with the help of an oxygen gas container.
They had tied themselves with a rope
with the rover so that this space
would not go far in the air.
Addison sees this and says
that it can be dangerous,
don’t do that,
but he doesn’t listen to anything.
When all this starts to do a small dose of Caleb,
then due to the shock,
his rope broke,
due to which he went far in space.
Seeing all this,
Caleb and his other friends
try to save him with the oxygen cylinder.
Everyone had saved their friend with difficulty.
But in all this,
a lot of their oxygen ran out.
They did not have so much oxygen
that they could reach the crater.
Everyone was badly stuck.
Then Caleb remembers
that one of his friends told him
that there is an outpost somewhere here.
Who knows if he can go there and get oxygen?
Hearing this, Caleb’s friend says
that I will not go there
because my brother told me
that ghosts live there.
Hearing this, Dillon starts making fun of him.
And on the same thing,
there was a fight between the two.
And he says that as long as there is time
to stay together,
do you want to fight and destroy it?
Hearing this,
the two became friends again.
Anyway, they reach that outpost
where it was very dark.
There they see the shadows of humans
which everyone was scared of.
When they turn on the lights,
they find out that they were not humans
but puppets.
And this was not an outpost
but a model of such a house
They get some food and oxygen.
It was also night
so everyone decides to spend the night.
Dillon tells Edison about himself
that my dad left me alone.
Edison also tells about himself
that my mom and dad
got divorced.
After that, my mom took my brother
and went to Omega Planet.
I feel very lonely.
Everyone was asleep.
But Caleb and Edison were still awake.
Caleb starts talking to Edison.
After my mom and dad’s death,
my friend Dillon supported me.
He is my everything.
I will go to Omega.
Dillon will be left alone.
So after my death,
always stay with him.
Promise me Edison.
He also promised Caleb.
In the morning,
they start their journey again.
But now their rover’s battery was over.
They also had a shortage of oxygen.
So they had to reach the crater
Edison had set up a security alarm
so that the guards come and save them
before the meteor shower.
Now quickly the creators
reach the crater
which was very big.
These stairs led to a strange place
where Edison sees a button
on the wall.
As soon as he presses it,
the whole place changed
as if people were on the ground.
All this was not real.
But still they like everything.
As soon as they reach the crater,
they see their mom and dad’s ashes
and their picture.
Caleb had seen his mom for the first time
in that picture.
He now understands why his dad
wanted him to come here.
He was very sad.
Dillon tells him that why are you
losing this beautiful chance of your life?
Here everyone wants to go to Omega
after completing 20 years of mining.
And they are very few people.
That’s why your dad gave up his life.
Here he finds out that
his dad deliberately took his life
so that Caleb could be sent to Omega.
He could live a good life
about which everyone
except Caleb knew.
Dillon says that don’t refuse
to take your dad’s gift.
He has given you this gift by giving his life.
Then a friend gets sick
during their conversation.
They all now try to take him
and reach their rover.
But then the meteor storm
Everyone was trying to save themselves.
Edison also saves himself and
gets separated from him.
When no one sees him,
Caleb and Dillon go to save him.
Edison’s helmet had a crack,
so she falls unconscious.
Caleb and Dillon save Edison
and bring him back.
But in the meantime, Dillon also falls.
But Caleb saved him.
Everyone comes inside the rover,
whose windows were also broken
so he could not stay alive.
Everyone sits in the same rover
and waits for their death.
Everyone understood that
now they would not be able to survive.
But they were happy that
everyone would die together.
After this incident,
the story is shown a little later.
We are shown Caleb,
who has reached Omega,
which means that the incident
was 75 years ago.
Caleb was in cryosleep,
which does not increase
a person’s life span.
When he reaches Omega,
he is about the same age.
He wanted to know about his friends.
Then a nurse comes and
gives him an audio device
in which the messages
of his friends were recorded.
He finds out that
all of them were saved that day.
His friends have spent
more than half their lives.
Like a friend started his baseball team
and the other friend
became an administrator.
So according to the rest of the promises,
Edison had married Dylan.
Knowing about the life of his friends,
Caleb is very happy to hear
the voice of his growing age.
But even now he was sad
that he could not spend his life
with his friends.
A family had adopted Caleb
on the Omega planet.
He gets lost in this environment.
He also finds Edison’s brother here,
who lives with his mother on Omega.
Caleb tells Edison’s brother
about his sister’s good deeds,
who worked against the rules
like mining on the moon
and got them killed.
And with this, the story of this film
ends here.

Images and footage Source: 21 Laps Entertainment and Disney+
Director: Kyle Patrick Alvarez
Screenplay or written by: John Griffin
Producer: Shawn Levy, Dan Levine, Dan Cohen

Disclaimer: Any footage in this video has only been used to communicate a message (understandable) to audience. According to my knowledge, it’s a fair use under reviews and commentary section. We don’t plan to violate anyone’s right.


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