Artificial Intelligence never ceases to surprise us , its uses cover more and more areas of our lives, and its usefulness seems to emerge in times of crisis, as ChatGPT technology has demonstrated with the current vacation boom, as it has published in its most recent report by market research company Euro monitor International.

That’s right, Artificial Intelligence is being used in the travel sector around the world , in fact industry executives have assured that the use of this technology will have a considerable and decisive impact on the sector, since ChatGPT technology is currently used to book travel.

One of the great advantages of using ChatGPT to plan trips is undoubtedly the possibility of using it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, both travelers and travel agencies can access their itinerary from their mobile device or computers from anywhere.

The reservation sector is one of those that has been most positively affected by the boom in digitalization in recent years. There is a wide variety of applications that allow users to manage all their reservations from their mobile phone or computer from anywhere, However, with the appearance of ChatGPT, much more radical changes are proposed, hence the sector is developing and applying measures to face these changes, one of them has to do with the use of OpenAI and ChatGPT for iOS and ChatGPT Plus .

In fact, currently, hotels and airlines also resort to the multiple tools that Artificial Intelligence makes available to generate a greater sense of customer satisfaction when making their reservations, and the best way to do so is by further automating the processes. .

The objective is to achieve greater integration , which is also inevitable, between the travel planning and reservation processes and everything in real time, Artificial Intelligence is becoming the “ultimate concierge” as the creators of platforms like Airbnb because it is capable of performing multiple functions at the same time and from the same platform.

In the most recent conference held in Catalonia with experts from the Artificial Intelligence sector and employers’ representatives from CEAV and ACAVE on the impact of this technology in the tourism sector, Jordi Martí, present from the ACAVE employers’ association, pointed out the following: “It is a technology that can become a powerful business tool for travel professionals.”

Martí also added, “ A travel agency can use the ChatGPT environment and complementary programs to process all the information about its company, its clients and target markets in a unified manner to generate, among other things, increasingly more marketing campaigns.” adapted to their objectives and the consumer.”


The Destruction Of Jobs

This could be one of the inevitable consequences of the use of Artificial Intelligence in some sectors, although some experts consider this technology an ally and not a competition for human beings.

Therefore, many wonder what the real impact of the use of Artificial Intelligence and its tools, such as ChatGPT, will be on the labor market in the tourism sector , more specifically how this technology will affect jobs in travel agencies.

A question that José Manuel Lastra , executive vice-counsellor of CEAV , answered in the following way: “ We understand that Artificial Intelligence can serve to improve processes and optimize resources, but never to replace the essential work carried out by people in our sector.”

For Lastra, “It is still early to take stock of the influence that Artificial Intelligence may have on the travel and tourism industry” and he also recalled that “Travel agencies have always been ahead in terms of technological advances.” refers and we are convinced that this will continue to be the case.”

Words confirmed by Jordi Martí, “Artificial Intelligence does not constitute a threat to jobs in the tourism sector, but rather the opposite, since it can be a source of job opportunities for professionals in the digital field, who will increasingly be defendants in the field of travel agencies.”

However, the owner of a company that offers technological assistance to travel agencies, Josep Bellés CEO of Beroni, and who also participated in the event when asked the same question surprised everyone with his response, “I am convinced that there may be a clone attached to a travel agent , an avatar of a travel agent, who will answer in the language you want. In a few minutes he will resolve a reservation for the client, with his itinerary, all the services and all kinds of instructions and advice.”

Faced with a scenario like this and with a comment as spontaneous as that of the CEO of a company that offers technical assistance, we can only consider one scenario, one in which we sit and wait for the outcome of the use of this new Artificial Intelligence tool, this time in the tourism sector.

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